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      We have started our first phase of the new pricing, customers can expect even better value web hosting email hosting mysql database hosting php hosting and more, there is now automated installations available for many php sites such as phpbb and mambo, why not give us a try and see for yourself.
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Hostingfreak is a company dedicated to providing hosting for everyone's needs, wether it be high content or a private website, we are dedicated to a high level of reliability and performance. Providing hosting ranging from websites to managed dedicated server's.

Our backbone connection consists of a multihomed connection including but not limited to the following providers, Level(3) Communications - 1000 Mbps Teleglobe - 1000 Mbps Enta - 1000 Mbps eXpress long range peering - 1000 Mbps It also includes backup links with Euroaccess and TSN. This ensures connectivity to anywhere as it allows us flexibility in which route the traffic takes in and out of our network

We enjoy the internet and UNIX as a whole, this makes us enjoy our job and we believe this results in a higher quality and more dedicated attitude to providing a good level of service. is a division of the bread Pancheon Ltd.

VAT: 816101471
CN: 4806734:


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