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      We have started our first phase of the new pricing, customers can expect even better value web hosting email hosting mysql database hosting php hosting and more, there is now automated installations available for many php sites such as phpbb and mambo, why not give us a try and see for yourself.
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2checkout is the authorised retailer of credit card purchases for Hostingfreak

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   Have a chat with one of our representatives regarding hosting, Web chat coming soon for now chat to us on irc server channel #hostingfreak you will need a irc client for this such as mirc from

   Discuss issues about the service here, help each other and provide feedback, our forum

Sales FAQ

Do you support php?
Yes we support php, the php version right now is the stable version of 5.2.x

Do you support mysql?
Yes we support mysql, we use the stable version of 5.0.x

Do you provide a control panel for customers to use?
Yes we use directadmin which allows our customers to have full control over their domain(s), ftp accounts, email accounts, backups and more.

Do you provide discounts?
For all available discounts please email Our guidance on discount is based on products used. The more products a customer makes use of the greater the opportunity to provide discounts to them. Every customer that purchases domain space for a one year period will receive an additional 1 month usage free of charge, plus we will setup their account at no cost.

I am a reseller but I dont want such a huge amount of traffic is there a package for me?
We are able to provide tailor made packages to suit every customer. Please email stating your requirements and we will provide an extremely competitive quotation for you. Our standard packages on the site are the popular packages and allow quick ordering and processing.

Do you accept credit card payments?
We now can process credit card payments using the following credit cards, MasterCard/visa/switch. However there can be a delay up to 72 hours as we need to do security checks on the payment before completing the signup.

I want to trial your services is this possible?
Currently there is no Trial service available, although facilities are being considered which would provide access and a small quota of storage space. Outgoing email could not be offered as part of this trial for a number of reasons.

I want to purchase my domain through you so you can manage my registration for me is this possible?
Yes just order as normal and when asked if you have a domain choose transfer or register a new domain, you can even check if the domain is available using our site before you finish your order or alternatively check here.


I want fast support what is the best way to contact you?
Send a ticket in your control panel, or if you cant login to the control panel then send an email to Live support isnt the fastest way of support.

How do I use live support?
You need a irc client and connect to and join channel #hostingfreak, in future we will have a web applet to allow easy access to live support. Note live support is good for fixing complex issues it is not the preffered method of support, and wont always be available.

I want to add a crontab to run my php script but it doesnt work what am I doing wrong?
When running a php crontab you need the full path to php so use something like this, remembering crontab needs full paths.
*/15 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /path/to/my/php.cron

My email doesnt send has an smtp auth error.
You may need to enable auth to server before sending option in your email client.

How do I setup a IMAP email account.
Setup a pop email account as normal and then simply login to it using IMAP instead of POP.

My website is down what to do?
First of all dont panic, try and do a support ticket and we will respond in a timely manner to solve the problem, if the control panel is also down then email us at, if the response is slow and your need is urgent then contact us on the emergency phone number UK 07908013790.

How to disable Hotlinking of my files?
For help on this please look here at this url

How to enable Indexing on my directory for others to view in their browser?
For help on this please look here at this url


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